How many of us search the meaning of love from Google? At some point in our life, we do search it, don’t we? Silently perhaps, as we don’t want to look as if we are dumb for not knowing what love is. 

It’s like, ‘C’mon, you don’t know what love is? Have you ever fell in love? Have you ever cared deeply over someone?’, and so many other endless questions.

Perhaps that is the reason we are not too sure the meaning of love because there are too many definitions of it, and we would always feel that one definition wouldn’t fit well enough.

Some of us would spend their entire life to find the real meaning of love. I am not going to do the same as I have written about it on my debut poetry book. I specially dedicated one page to write what is love to me.

At the end of writing the poem, I have found my answer, and that is love is poetry.

– L –



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