“Whenever I see beautiful scenery,
I remember you.
Not because I desire to be close to you, to enjoy the magnificent views of natures,
but it is because every beautiful thing, reminds me of you.
Your beauty is reflected on it.

Sometimes, when I could listen to my heartbeat,
I realise how my heart and yours are beating for the same purpose,
as both are beating you.
Some might say that you are the reason whom I want to live,
and I would say you’re the life whom I wanted to forever be lived in.

You are not the muse of my poetry,
rather the soul of it.
You are the one who could ever ignited the soul in me,
a soul whom I never knew, existed inside.

But somehow you’re like a paradox,
the poison who have saved me from feeling numb,
numbness about life, about love, about you.
You are the wound that will be felt as fresh cut, yet you are the potion that could heal the wound.

From you I have learnt to find rainbow inside darkness.
While everyone is searching for happiness,
I happen to search you.

It was funny that I have never been lost before,
but I did get lost when I met you,
and amazingly, inside your maze,
I found my way back to home, to you, to love.

You are the madness,
the storm,
who have made me feel peaceful.

Darker than darkest, I could still see you.
Louder than loudest, I could still hear you.
I have never felt peace in such chaotic chaos.

You are the magnificent magician,
whose deceiving eyes have been mesmerizing my heart into a soulful tale.
I have been writing for awhile,
but when you came, that’s when I realise,
that writing could become alive.

When the heart writes,
it’s called poetry.
When my heart writes,
it’s called you.”


  • This poem is taken from my debut poetry book, “Words of Sunset”.



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